Competition Rules KISC

Leagues 2023-12-12




All players on a team must register in the online form as a regular player belonging to a team. The registration link will be provided by the team captain. In this form, they must enter their real information and a simple photo that will be used for their registration. Player Pass (hereinafter Player Pass).


All participants in our leagues and any player who enters our fields in general must fill out and sign our mandatory Waiver, through the online form (, where they must provide real data and a photo of your identification (ID) or driver's license (DL), these data are confidential and are filled out only once.


The player pass is a document that identifies players as members of a league in KatyISC. As a benefit, Say Soccer provides general liability insurance coverage to members while they participate in covered activities operated and authorized by Say Soccer.

If the player has their Player Pass active, they can use it and will not have to pay the fee again until it expires on the next July 31st that they registered for.


Players will receive a confirmation email of filling out the Waiver with the data entered. This email must be shown when entering the complex and may be requested at any time by the referees or by the KatyISC staff. In addition, the complex or league administrator may withdraw a player at their discretion if they verify fraudulent data or deem it appropriate.

You will also receive a confirmation email when your registration as a team member is approved.


Any player registered and admitted to KatyISC as a member of a team will not be able to play for any other team within the same competition (for example, if a player belongs to a team within the Katy Cup, they will not be able to change teams or play for multiple teams. until the season ends, but he may belong to another team in another league).


During the playing season, a player will not be able to sign for another team within the same competition until this season ends, once the season is over, he may sign for any other team and will be placed on the corresponding roster.


Players who are transferred from teams must be included in the roster prior to starting the new season of the competition in question. If the season has already started he may be registered as an additional player only if he has not played for another team in that same season.



Before the start of each season, each team must register in our online form with a maximum period of 7 days prior to the start of the competition, unless the complex or league administrator expressly allows ex-temporary registration. Once the team registration is approved, you will receive an email with the player registration link and the mandatory Waiver link.


In each game, the referee or a member of the staff will review the team roster, where they will be able to view the players authorized to play. In case of discrepancies, the referee will ask for the Player Pass to corroborate that the player is admitted and is who he says he is.

A player is considered ready to play when, in the opinion of the referee, (i) he meets all admission requirements, (ii) he is correctly registered on the roster and (iii) he wears the official team uniform and equipment. protection correctly.


5v5 Leagues: A minimum of five (5) players and a maximum of ten (10) players may register for the competition included in the initial payment.

6v6 Leagues: A minimum of six (6) players and a maximum of twelve (12) players may register for the competition included in the initial payment.

7v7 Leagues: A minimum of seven (7) players and a maximum of fourteen (14) players may register for the competition included in the initial payment.

  • If the person registering the team is also a player, he must be included on the list.
  • Teams may register the maximum number of players until the day before their first game. After their first game, all players will be considered Additional Players, even if they have not yet completed the maximum allowed in the initial payment.


If the team needs to add more players, it may do so unlimitedly by paying an additional $25 per added player and may do so at any time during the regular season of the competition (it will not be able to register additional players in play-offs, semifinals or final).

This registration will be done at the link: and you can do it until 6:00pm the day before your scheduled match. In addition, the additional player must fill out the Waiver like all players and have their Player Pass active.

If the player does not have Player Pass, they can purchase it when registering as an additional player.

If the additional player is not on the roster at the time the game starts, he will not be able to play.


Unregistered, disallowed or suspended players found playing is considered a serious infraction and will result in the forfeiture of all games played by the disqualified player.


At the end of the match, the team captains are responsible for reviewing and signing the game report that includes the results, the players who scored goals and the cards recieved. If the captains do not review the game report, it will be automatically confirmed. In addition, the referee must report any violation of the rules and regulations by any of the teams or their companions, and must make any other important observations.

The standings, results, players who score goals and cards awarded will be uploaded to the website in the statistics section ( within the next business day.


The latest International Football Association Board Laws of the Game (i.e. FIFA rules) govern KatyISC games, with the following exceptions and clarifications:


Players on the same team must have substantially identical and numbered jerseys (no vests, no tape), shorts, high socks, mandatory shin guards, shoes suitable for synthetic turf (not cleats, review our guide: post/correct-soccer-shoes).

A player not wearing the appropriate uniform will not be allowed to play.


  • If a goalkeeper is also a player, he must wear a player shirt with a unique and unrepeatable number; this fact must be recorded on the roster.
  • If a player is going to be a goalkeeper, he must wear a goalkeeper shirt with a different number, without a number or a vest, this fact must be recorded on the roster.
  • If the team does not present all substantially identical and numbered team jerseys, they may rent a set of vests from KatyISC for the value of $50.


When the colors of the competing teams or goalkeeper are similar, KatyISC will provide vests to differentiate the teams, upon approval by the referee, at no additional cost.


The start time of a game may be up to 5 minutes after the scheduled time, this time will be deducted from the total of the game. A team that does not have at least four (4) players in a 5v5 league or five (5) players in a 6v6 or 7v7 league admitted, registered and properly uniformed at the scheduled start time loses the game and will be declared an unannounced forfeit. (see article 3.9)

In COED (mixed) league, the team must have at least 2 women or 2 men on the field.

The referee will review the team roster ten (10) minutes before the scheduled time, and will corroborate the players' shirt number. If another shirt number or vest number is present, it must be registered on the roster.

The referee, at his discretion and with the approval of both teams, may deduct rest time only for delays at the start of the game or for a grace period (article 3.3.2) to, in the interests of sportsmanship, fully or partially complete the minutes of discounted game.


If a game is delayed due to referee tardiness, weather, closed field gates, lighting or similar circumstances, exceptions will be made if possible under a review procedure established by KatyISC Administration.


The opposing team is not required to do so, but, in the interest of sportsmanship and in consideration of the circumstances, may consent to a grace period of up to ten (10) minutes from the scheduled time, to allow an opposing team avoids a loss. This time will be deducted from the total of the match.

3.3.3 GAME TIME:

The referee will inform both teams, before starting the match, how long each of the halves of equal length will be played (without taking into account additional time or stoppage time). The intent of the grace period provisions is to play as complete an official game as possible, with both teams and the referee knowing, in advance, the expected length of the halves.


In regular competitions:

  • 5v5 League: Two (2) halves of twenty (20) minutes, with a half-time break of ten (10) minutes.
  • 6v6 or 7v7 League: Two (2) halves of twenty-five (25) minutes, with a half-time break of ten (10) minutes.

The referee has the discretion to add time, as appropriate

In case of a tie, no extra time will be played. Only in the Play-offs will penalties be taken


In the event that the match ends in a tie, 5 penalties per team will be taken with the players who are on the field at that moment (if a player received a yellow card in the last 5 minutes, he will not be able to be included in the list of 5 first kickers), if there is no winner, sudden death penalties will be kicked until all the team's players on the court are exhausted (teams will not be able to repeat players until everyone kicks).


All KatyISC games will be officiated by referees duly registered, approved and appointed by KatyISC. The referee will be the only judge on the field of play and his decisions will be final.

Any complaint or claim regarding any arbitrator must be directed in writing to the KatyISC administration following the process established in article 6.


In all KatyISC competitions, players who have been substituted can re-enter unlimitedly. Subject to the referee's discretion, either team may substitute an unlimited number of players when play is stopped. The player must enter through the middle of the field and with the approval of the referee.


  • Any type of foul made, whether cautioned or not, will be a direct shot from three (3) feet away in 5vs5 and 6vs6 leagues and five (5) feet away in 7vs7 leagues.
  • Throw-ins will be taken with the foot and the ball at the line in 5vs5 and 6vs6 leagues and with the hand and over the head in 7vs7 leagues.
  • Corner kicks will be taken from the vertex of the field and will be taken with the foot in all leagues.


Matches that are not played in their entirety due to fortuitous events, such as unusual weather conditions, lighting failures, etc., but that have reached at least thirty (30) minutes of play in a 5vs5 league and forty (40) minutes of play. League play 6vs6 and 7vs7 will be considered official and complete.

When a match is not played in its entirety, the referee must note this in the match report and expressly indicate whether the match reached the official minimum playing time threshold for that competition.

If a game is not played in its entirety for any reason outside of the elements listed above (for example, abandonment of a team), the administrator of the complex or competition will have the power to (i) impose a fine and/ or suspension, (ii) order that the game be rescheduled and replayed, (iii) order that the game remain as played, or (iv) order that a forfeit be awarded, depending on the cause for which the game was not completed.


After the 5 minute regulatory wait or the 10 minute grace period has elapsed, the team present will be declared the winner, and the team that did not show up will be declared an unannounced forfeit and a fine of $75.00.

If both teams do not show up, through approval and coordination with the administration, an attempt will be made to reschedule the game within the same week for the sake of sportsmanship. If rescheduling is not possible, both teams will be considered losers.

If the team knows in advance that it is not going to show up, it will be assigned an early loss fine in the amount of $50.00 and must be notified 1 day before the game. In this case, the scheduled time of the match will be granted to the other team so that they can train if they wish. If the team announces that it will not appear on the same day, it will be taken as an unannounced forfeit.

In any case that a team does not appear, it will be penalized and the team present will be considered the winner, granting it 3 points and 3 goals in favor in the statistics and the team that did not appear 0 points and 3 goals against.

The 3 goals in favor go to the team but not to a specific player.

Fines will be deducted from the refundable voucher (see article 5.2 Refundable Bond).

A team may have a maximum of 2 forfeits within the same season. If they do not appear for more games, they will be immediately disqualified without the right to any type of refund or claim.



A minimum number of matches stipulated by the administration prior to the start of the league and announced on the KatyISC website will be played.

According to the number of teams and arranged by the KatyISC administration, it may be played: round trip, first leg, or only the minimum matches announced by KatyISC.

If there is an odd number of teams, each date may rest 1 or more teams depending on the schedule established and published in the calendar section of the KatyISC website:


If the league has 11 or 12 teams, the 8 teams with the best score in the statistics will qualify to play playoffs in the following structure: 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th. If the league has 10 or fewer teams, the 4 teams with the best statistical score will qualify to play in the semifinals in the following structure: 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd.


KatyISC staff is responsible for tracking and posting official league standings in the statistics section of the website ( within 1 business day of the scheduled match. Within each league, classification will be calculated by points. A team receives three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw and zero (0) points for a loss.


Ties in the classification will be broken by the following progressive criteria:

  • Goal differential (goals for minus goals against);
  • Greater number of goals scored;
  • Match won between both teams;
  • Coin toss to be witnessed by the teams (with the League administrator assigning heads and tails in advance and tossing the coin).


If, for any reason, a team does not appear for 3 of its scheduled games, or is excluded for any disciplinary reason, 3 points and 3 goals will be awarded in favor of the teams that miss playing against the excluded team.


KatyISC competitions award the following trophies: 1st place cup, 2nd place cup, goalscorer trophy, best goalkeeper trophy or best player in the final trophy (if the league includes it).

Award criteria:

Top Scorer Trophy: The scorer trophy will be awarded to the player who has scored the most goals in the entire league including playoffs. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the following progressive criteria:

  • Player who has advanced the most in the league standings
  • Greater number of teams against which goals were committed
  • Most goals committed in the match between the teams of the tied players
  • Coin toss to be witnessed by the teams (with the League administrator assigning heads and tails in advance and tossing the coin).

Best Goalkeeper Trophy: The best goalkeeper trophy will be awarded to the one who has scored the fewest goals against in the entire league including playoffs. Only the goalkeepers who have reached the playoffs will be taken into account. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the following progressive criteria:

  • Goalkeeper who has advanced the most in the league standings
  • Fewer teams that committed goals against them
  • Fewest goals conceded in the match between the tied goalkeeper teams
  • Coin toss to be witnessed by the teams (with the League administrator assigning heads and tails in advance and tossing the coin).

Best Player of the Final Trophy (if the league includes): The best player of the final trophy will be awarded at the discretion of the referee team in coordination with the KatyISC league administrator.



KatyISC has a strict zero-tolerance policy for fighting or violence of any kind (whether physical or verbal) in our facilities. Violations will result in expulsion from the league and banning from facilities.

Any player, team staff or companion reprimanded for disciplinary measures must be included in the match report by the referee.

Offenses other than those involving yellow or red cards require express and separate notification in the match report.


Each team in the league must pay a refundable bonus of $200.00 prior to the start of the season. This bonus will be used to pay, if necessary, fines such as forfeits, red cards or any additional fines.

If the team is not sanctioned at any time during the season, the entire bonus will be refunded to the team.

If it has been deducted due to a penalty, the remainder of the bonus will be refunded.

If the bonus has been totally or partially exhausted, they must pay the remaining or all of the fine until 6:00 pm the day before the scheduled match at the following link:

If the penalty is due to a forfeit and the payment has not been completed, the team will not be able to play and another forfeit will be considered.

If the penalty is a red card and the payment has not been completed, the sanctioned player will not be able to play.


All sanctions below will be applied to players, technical staff or companions on and/or off the field.

The official match report for each game is subject to review by the KatyISC administration, which has the authority to additionally discipline any participant who has received warnings, yellow or red cards:

5.3.1 RED CARDS:

A minimum one (1) game suspension and $25.00 fine applies for any red card, meaning the player is ineligible to play the remainder of the game from which he was ejected, as well as a minimum of one (1) additional date. . Additionally, you will need to leave the KatyISC facility, and the game will not resume until this happens.

The referee must state in the report the reason for the expulsion and the KatyISC administration will determine if the sanction is sufficient or if more suspension dates or any additional sanctions are added.

In the case of playoffs, red cards or suspensions will not be eliminated.

The fine will be deducted from the refundable voucher. If you do not complete the payment with the voucher, you must pay the difference or the entire amount as mentioned in article 5.2.


When a player receives one (1) yellow card he must leave the field for a period of time:

  • League 5v5 or 6v6: Three (3) minutes of play
  • League 7v7 : Five (5) minutes of play

Players cannot be substituted, this time does not include minutes of rest. ADDITIONAL YELLOW CARD SITUATIONS:

  • If a player intentionally touches the ball with his hand it will be considered one (1) yellow card.
  • If a player makes a sweep or wheelbarrow he will receive one (1) yellow card or a warning at the discretion of the referee.
  • If a player does not have the complete uniform, does not wear shin guards or does not have the correct shoes, he may receive one (1) yellow card or a warning at the discretion of the referee.
  • If a player or companion is in the bench area, they will not be able to enter the field without authorization from the referee. In case of entry, they will receive one (1) warning or one (1) yellow card at the discretion of the referee.
  • If a player is off the field due to the penalty time, and only if his team scores a goal, he will be able to re-enter the field immediately; if the other team scores a goal, he will not be able to re-enter the field. Each goal entitles the re-entry of 1 player from their team.
  • If a player while on the bench is sanctioned with one (1) yellow card, he will not be able to enter the field until his penalty time has expired. ACCUMULATION OF YELLOW CARD:

  • When a player accumulates two (2) yellow cards in the same game, one (1) red card will be applied and the provisions mentioned in article 5.2.1 will apply.
  • When a player accumulates three (3) yellow cards in a season, he must serve a one (1) game suspension in his next game and pay a fine of $25.00.

In the case of playoffs, all yellow cards will be removed, but not suspensions.

5.3.3 FINES:

KatyISC administration has the authority to impose additional fines as part of their disciplinary measures.


The KatyISC administration reserves the right to apply suspensions to players, teams or companions in multiple competitions organized or held at KatyISC facilities.


KatyISC administration may consider previous incidents, cards and fines when determining appropriate disciplinary action against a player or team for new infractions.


In the event that the referee or KatyISC administration identifies that a player has been impersonated by another person, disciplinary measures will be taken that could include fines, point deductions, suspension and/or expulsion of the player and/or the team.


Any player ejected from the field of play for any reason must immediately leave the premises where the game is being played. Players who do not leave the facility within a reasonable period of time, or players who leave but return immediately after the completion of the game, will be subject to additional sanctions which will be reviewed by KatyISC administration.


A head coach, coach, assistant or companion who is ordered by the referee to leave the field area will be prohibited from attending the team's next scheduled playable game, this includes additional suspensions by KatyISC administration. If you are ordered out of the field a second time during the same season, you will be prohibited from attending any of your team's games for the remainder of the season. Any violation of the attendance ban may result in forfeiture of the game. Those who are suspended or ordered out of the playing area are not permitted to remain in the facility where the game is being played.


  • Neither team may enter the fields until the previous game ends.
  • Once the game has finished, players must leave the field immediately.
  • Teams must respect their section of the bench, remain seated, not cross each other on the field, or invade the other team's bench area.
  • All visitors and substitutes must respect and not cross the field line during play and give at least 2 feet of distance from the sideline for the referee to do his job.



All teams have the right to make claims, these must be made formally to the email: by the team captain, within 24 hours following the upload of results and statistics on the website, if applicable. If you make a claim outside the established deadline, it will not be taken into account.

The KatyISC staff will evaluate whether the claim is pertinent or not, and therefore whether it will take action on the claim received or not, and may or may not request additional information from other players or people involved. This process will not have a resolution time limit. .

If the claim does not present objective arguments about the facts, it will be automatically dismissed.

The response to the claim will be made formally by email mentioning that the claim or the actions to be taken are rejected.

In the email you must include the following information:

  • League's Name
  • Team's name
  • Captain's name
  •  Name of the teams of the match from which they make the claim
  • Date and time of the match for which the claim is made
  • Name of the players involved, if any.
  • The claim in a detailed and objective manner about the facts
  • Mention if any rule has been violated
  • Attach evidence if you have it