Soccer Fun Park

Training 2021-01-21

We present the only German Technology in the US now available at Katy ISC where our players will perform and improve their soccer skills.


1.-The SOCCER CAGE (the soccer cage) The rules are easy: It is played 1 against 1, whoever scores 3 goals first or whoever tunnels his opponent while maintaining control over the ball is the winner. The maximum time in the cage is 5 minutes

2.-The SOCCER RAMP consists of an obstacle module, on which a curved ramp is hung as well as a forward-open basket module. The player has to try from a launch point to throw the ball over the ramp to the basket.

3.-SOCCER HOLES: consist of 4 holes of different sizes, which are placed in a stable module. The player has to try to kick the ball successively through each of the holes, each achievement will give him a score, the smaller the hole where the ball enters the higher score he can get.

4.-SOCCER BOWLING (soccer bowling game) the player tries by kicking the ball from a specified distance to knock down the largest amount of aluminum pins. Each player will have 3 chances to achieve their best score.

5.- THE SOCCER SHOT (soccer shot) consists of two mini soccer goals as an obstacle that are placed one behind the other and a basket module with the opening towards the front

The player from a certain point must kick the ball over the placed goals and put it in the basket


 The player will have to try to head the ball in motion and do it forward and straight.

7.- The SOCCER PARCOURS (soccer course) is the great solution for training ball control in a minimum space. Here the player must travel the circuit in the shortest time possible. A successful combination of sporting challenge and fun. Excellent exercise to improve dribbling technique

8.- The SOCCER LOB consists of a mini football goal as an obstacle and a basket module with the opening towards the front, which is fixed on a foot support. The player has to try from a certain launch point, to get the ball into the basket by kicking over the mini goal.

9.- The SOCCER BASKET (soccer basket) looks like a movable basketball module. But instead of putting the ball in the basket by hand, the player from a certain distance has to do it here with his head or his foot.

10.- SOCCER'S WALL TO PRACTICE AIMING This is a wall surface into which two holes are drilled - one on the lower right, and one on the upper left. The player has 3 chances to kick the ball in each of the holes and obtain the highest possible score

11.- THE SOCCER PYRAMIDE (football pyramid) consists of a basket module, in which a ramp is hinged. The player has to try from a certain launch point to kick the ball over the ramp and into the basket.

12.- SOCCER TENNIS  combines the best of Soccer and tennis in one sport. The net is stretched to the desired height between two support posts and two, four or even six players compete against each other on a defined playing field. The rules are simple: the ball can bounce once before it is accepted and played again. After a maximum of two hits, the ball must pass over the net towards the opponent.